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At Fuller Health Care, our customized health care therapy services focus to improve hormone levels, gut health, nutrition, physical activity, cardiovascular health, manage stress, and general well-being. Your comfort and trust is our priority. We believe in building strong relationships with our patients and strive to facilitate this through skilled listening and taking time with each patient. You are a vital part of the patient/provider relationship and we value you and your life experiences in the health journey.

Bobbi Fuller, DNP, FNP-C,  founded Fuller Health Care as part of her passion

to help others achieve improved health and become part of each patient's unique

health journey. Having received the benefits of traditional and integrated health

care herself, Bobbi is inspired to share her expertise and bring these services to

those who can benefit from this unique approach to personalized health care.

If you are in search of help to meet your unique health and wellness goals, contact

our clinic today to make an appointment and get started on your health journey.

We see patients throughout Idaho and Oregon. Telehealth appointments available.


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709 S. Washington Ave., Suite B  Emmett, ID 83617

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